Asphalt repair

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair – Catch Basins

Areas around concrete catch basins break the continuity of your asphalt pavement and allow for the capture of surface water. Because concrete and asphalt expand and contract at different rates these sections of your asphalt pavement will usually “break down” before the rest of the asphalt field. Cracks and fracturing of the asphalt pavement around the concrete catch basin  can be attributed to  the separation of asphalt away from the concrete “barrel” .This breach allows water to seep between  the asphalt and the concrete catch basin where it starts to undercut the base material around the CB. The unsupported asphalt surface will break down even further with the addition of vehicular weight. Left “unchecked” , the stability of the catch basin  will be compromised requiring more remediation and costs. An asphalt repair and maintenance program can address these problematic areas before they become costly repairs. For more information and asphalt repair solutions contact

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