Asphalt Paving vs Concrete Cement

Asphalt Paving vs Concrete Cement

When deciding weather to pave with asphalt or concrete consider the following:

Strata Complex Blacktop Driveway
Strata Complex Asphalt Driveway

Cost effectiveness-asphalt paving is the least expensive choice… anywhere from 2-3 times less than concrete cement. Asphalt pavement is also easier to repair and resurface ( or “re cap” ).¬† Removal and replacement is also more cost effective.

Turn around asphalt pavements can be driven upon immediately after installation with precautions. This is an important consideration for high traffic areas such as underground parkades and drive throughs.

Strength- concrete cement is structurally stronger and can last longer with proper installation. Full cure is usually achieved between 28 -40 days depending on temperature and humidity.

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